"S&W" - PRESENTS: TROY PETTY (USA) - album "DepartureS - An Extended Collection" in stores on Friday 28.07.2017

Album "DEPARTURES - AN EXTENDED COLLECTION" ("SONGS & WHISPERS" / Broken Silence) will be in stores on 28.07.2017!
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"Pure Audio Gold... Love at first listen. What an incredible talent.” - Jer, Sleeping Bag Studios 

“Departure is an EP that manages to get the balance between strife, melancholy and hope right. Petty’s music is a timestamp to the struggles and changes he was going through and there is genuine honesty throughout that can’t be manufactured.” - Matt Jansen, The Even Ground  

“Departure is worth a listen, having created an interesting hybrid of sounds in the singer songwriter genre I haven’t heard before.” - Ryan Getz, Tuned UP

"Troy has Nick Zinner-like skill with the sampling pedal, using the surface of the guitar to record percussive sequences between songs that layered to form the rhythm section for his performance.“ - John Esterly, Rare Buzz

“Through stories of survival, escape, redemption and regret, tunesmith Troy Petty pens lyrics that sting as well as soothe atop a flawless mix of Indie and polished alternative pop.” - Jim Hanke, Forest Bride PR
TROY's on tour across Germany in 07/2017 and 08/2017. Check out tour dates on: www.troypettymusic.com 
With a gentle, yet commanding diction and a voice that recalls a less-sinister Brian Molko (Placebo), Chicago singer/songwriter Troy Petty is making a strong case for being one of today’s most dynamic performers. His sound could be characterized as REM and Placebo channeling Jeff Buckley, but his music often defies a standardized label, and Petty’s authenticity radiates from each song.

Petty’s most recent release, Departure, reflects on the wisdom gained from living through personal and professional turbulence.  Critics claim “Petty’s music and production on this latest release Departure are more triumphant and his lyrics seem wiser, whether he’s connecting with the listener, requesting needed empathy of a song’s antagonist or talking himself through the steps needed to survive the trials he’s so vividly documenting. To put it simply, Petty himself says Departure is about "letting go, listening to your intuition and finding your own meaning of 'comfort zone.””

Departure will be released as an extended edition “DepartureSunder the Songs & Whispers Record Label based in Bremen, Germany in the summer 2017. The follow up “Director’s Cut” full length is scheduled to drop in the Spring of 2018.
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Mit einer sanften, doch imposanten Ausdrucksweise und einer Stimme, die an einen nicht ganz so finsteren Brian Molko (Placebo) erinnert, liefert Troy Petty starke Argumente dafür, gegenwärtig einer der dynamischsten Performer zu sein. REM und Placebo gefiltert durch Jeff Buckley, so könnte man seinen Sound charakterisieren. Jedoch lässt sich seiner Musik kein Label auflegen - Pettys Authentizität schwingt in jedem seiner Songs mit.

Sein jüngstes Werk nennt sich „DepartureS“ und erzählt von persönlichen und professionellen Turbulenzen und der dadurch gewonnenen Lebenserfahrung. Eine tiefgründig anmutende Produktion untermalt hierbei Pettys erwachsene, fast weise wirkenden Texte und tragen den Hörer durch ein Album, in dessen düsteren Charme man sich bereits beim ersten Hören verlieben kann und wird.

Als mittlerweile dritte Veröffentlichung reiht sich „DepartureS“ nicht nur in Troy Pettys herausragende Diskographie ein, sondern sticht aus ihr heraus. Viele Kritiker loben den bewundernswerten Werdegang, den der Künstler nach seinem Umzug nach Columbus, Ohio hinter sich gelegt hat. Hier erfand er seinen Sound neu. Stilmittel wie Vocal-Effects und hallende Akustikgitarren, welche er bereits in seinem 2001 erschienenen Album „So The Past Shall Pass“ einsetzte, ergänzen sich auf der aktuellen Platte mit seiner überragenden Facettenreichheit. Diese Stilmittel kreieren einen einzigartigen Petty-Sound, der die perfekte Balance zwischen Überlebenskampf und Lichtblick, Reue und Erlösung, Melancholie und Hoffnung widerspiegelt. „DepartureS“ erscheint am 28.7.2017 auf dem Bremer Label „SONGS & WHISPERS“.
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"S&W" - PRESENTS: BOBBO BYRNES (USA) - album "MOTEL AMERICANA" in stores on Friday 28.07.2017

Album "MOTEL AMERICANA" ("SONGS & WHISPERS" / Broken Silence) will be in stores on 28.07.2017!
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Follows the musical storytelling tradition of Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and Gram Parsons.”- BrooWaha.com

The music is authentic, rootsy and beautifully constructed; it's familiar and fresh all at once."  Huntington Beach Independent

"(The music has a) sense of an America where lights are burning dimly in the midst of cold emptiness."  OC Weekly

"One of the hardest working musicians in Southern California." - the OC Register

“It remains a rarity that an album does not contain any weak songs, but ‘Motel Americana’ from the Californian singer-songwriter and multi- instrumentalist Bobbo Byrnes is just one like that. The lead singer of ‘The Fallen Stars’ covers 3 songs from other artists in his own peculiar way on this solo record and he makes them sound as if they were his own. The remaining nine self-composed tracks are of the highest quality. This is a strongly recommended album for fans of great alt.country and Americana music.“ rootstime.be


BOBBO's on tour across Germany in 06/2017 and 07/2017. Check out tour dates on: www.bobbobyrnes.com

"I just wanted a cd to sell on my solo European tour" says Bobbo Byrnes of his new album Motel Americana. "I've been the guy in The Fallen Stars for so long, my "solo" career took a back seat. I was enjoying playing these songs at solo shows, I thought I should have a cd that had just my name on it."

While Bobbo's name is on the cd, a lot of his favorite people showed up to play and sing on it, especially fellow musicians from his two bands, The Fallen Stars and Riddle & The Stars. Tracy Byrnes (The Fallen Stars) dropped by to add some backing vocals and bass on a few songs and Ben Riddle (Riddle & The Stars) sings a bit of harmony.  Rami Jaffee, on vacation from his regular gig in Foo Fighters, played some B3 organ, Brandon Allen (The Fallen Stars) hit the drums and Matt Froehlich (Tall as Men) added some cajon kit to two numbers and finally Travis King played a slide solo on one song.

The album kicks off with the plaintive Hold Me.  "I wrote that song when we came home from tour. We had done 43 shows in 41 days and I was exhausted but also wanted to keep going and not ready for anything resembling domesticity. It's really about wanting to run away with my wife."

Motel Americana rolls through the side streets and alley's of America without ever sounding like it's trying to hold onto the sound of a bygone era as it slips easily from quiet acoustic ballad to big rock guitar number.  "I've always sympathized with the 'black sheep' of the family and their side of the story so I wrote Nothing needs to be said about love between brothers."  "I hear Paul Westerberg in everything I do but this time it maybe got a little bit folkier - I had someone tell me they heard a Jim Croce influence in a few songs which is damn cool to me."  The song 1, 2, 3 (thousand miles back to youeven name checks Westerberg in the lyrics as it tells the tale of a band breaking up on tour.

Acoustic guitars, dobro, mandolin, tenor guitar, electric guitar, mandoguitar, pedal steel, b3 organ, accordion are just a few of the instruments used on the album. It may sound like a lot but most songs only feature one or two things beyond the basics. "I was very conscious of the acoustic guitar's role on this record and made sure not to bury the mix with too many instruments. "It was all about finding the just the right sound and taking the time to get it there. That is how I ended up whacking a dumpster at the end of Millsboro - the drums were too pretty, it needed something industrial."

While Motel Americana is a departure from his work with The Fallen Stars and Riddle & The Stars, fans of those bands will hear a lot of similarities and will enjoy this exploration into Bobbo's acoustic troubadour side.
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"I just wanted a cd to sell on my solo European tour" says Bobbo Byrnes of his new album Motel Americana. "I've been the guy in The Fallen Stars for so long, my "solo" career took a back seat. I was enjoying playing these songs at solo shows, I thought I should have a cd that had just my name on it.„

Die bekennende Rampensau Bobbo Byrnes vermittelt mit seinen Songs verrauchte Americana-Stimmung und erzählt Anekdoten von schmuddeligen Gaststätten in den USA. 

Bekannt geworden ist Byrnes vor allem als Frontman der Rockband The Fallen Stars und als Teil des Trios Riddle & The Stars.

Nach sieben CD-Veröffentlichungen mit The Fallen Stars und zwei Alben mit Riddle & The Stars sowie zahlreichen Auszeichnungen, veröffentlicht Byrnes nun sein erstes Soloalbum.

Der folkige Lovesong, "Hold Me" wurde unmittelbar nach einer 41-tägigen Tournee mit 43 Shows durch ganz Europa geschrieben. Zurück in Südkalifornien war der Musiker geistig noch immer „on the road“: "Der Song handelt davon, einfach mit meiner Frau wegzulaufen!“ so Byrnes. Die Orange County Music League war sofort begeistert und nahm den Track mit auf den Spring Sampler 2017. Auf Motel Americana sind Up-Tempo Songs („I May Never Know Your Name“ & „1, 2, 3“) ebenso zu finden wie Country/Folkrock-Titel ( „APB“, „Solitaire“) und ruhige Folksongs („Millsboro“, „Long Way To Nashville“). 

Byrnes spielt Gitarre, Pedal Steel-Gitarre, Mandoline und singt. Kurze Auftritte seiner Freunde wie Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters / Wallflowers,) Matt Froehlich (Tall as Men), Brandon Allen (The Fallen Stars). Die altbekannten Bandmitglieder Tracy Byrnes und Ben Riddle steuern gekonnte Akzente mit Wiedererkennungswert bei.

Aktuell befindet sich Bobbo Byrnes auf Deutschland-Tour. Bis Ende Juni wird er neben Konzerten auch Workshops für Flüchtlinge geben, bevor seine Wege sich ab dem 25. Juni wieder mit seiner Band Riddle & The Stars für weitere 22 Konzerte kreuzen werden.
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